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Poland, 44514
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*THURSDAY ONLY - Philly Steak Sandwich   THURSDAY ONLY - Philly Steak Sandwich  - Tender steak, peppers and onions piled on a fresh bun. Choose a Whole Sandwich with 4 JoJo's or Half Sandwich with 2 JoJo'sWhole Sandwich $10.49  /  Half Sandwich $5.99
*FRIDAY - Pierogies  FRIDAY - Pierogies - Available as 3, 6 & 12 count3 count $1.99
6 count $3.79
12 count $6.99
*FRIDAY ONLY - Macaroni & Cheese  FRIDAY ONLY - Macaroni & Cheese - Available in 8, 16 & 32 ounce containers8 oz. $1.99
16 oz. $3.79
32 oz. $6.99
*FRIDAY ONLY - Haddock  FRIDAY ONLY - Haddock by the pound - Broaster Fried or Baked$9.99/lb
*FRIDAY SPECIAL - Haddock Dinner  FRIDAY SPECIAL - Haddock Fish & Fries  - Large breaded Haddock Broaster fried or baked. Served with cole slaw and your choice of French Fries, Pierogies, or Macaroni & Cheese.$9.79


Broaster Chicken Salad w/ Fries - Grilled or breaded chicken breast on a bed of romaine lettuce with tomatoes, red onions, hot or mild banana peppers and fries. All topped with mozzarella cheese and your favorite dressing.$8.99
Homemade Cole Slaw  Homemade Cole Slaw$3.19/lb


Rib - Eye Sandwich - Tender rib eye steak piled on a hoagie bun with provolone, lettuce and tomatoRib -Eye Sandwich $8.99
Rib - Eye Sandwich Combo - Tender Rib-Eye Steak on a Hoagie bun with Provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served with a small fry.Rib- Eye Combo $9.99
*The Felice Chicken Sandwich  The Felice Chicken Sandwich - Fried, grilled, spicy or plain chicken breast on a brioche bun, topped with a hefty scoop of our homemade coleslaw!$6.49
Philly Cheese Steak   Philly Cheese Steak - Tender Philly Steak, Cheese, Peppers and Onions.1/2 $6.79
Whole $11.59
Gyro  Gyro - Gyro meat, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and Tzatziki sauce on a flatbread wrap$3.99  /  GYRO SPECIAL 2 /$7.00 $7.00


Portabella Sandwich  Portabella Sandwich - Seasoned Portabella Mushroom, Roasted Red Peppers and Provolone Cheese on a Kaiser bun.$5.99


4 Piece Broaster Chicken Tenders  4 Piece Broaster Chicken Tenders - 4 piece chicken tenders$5.99

  - Boneless, Breaded or Unbreaded Bone In - With or Without Sauce
» Wing Sauce: BBQ, Hot & Spicy BBQ, Honey BBQ, Ranch, Buffalo Ranch, Buffalo Gold, Roasted Garlic, Hot Garlic, Honey Mustard, Plain, Mild, Hot, Cajun, Tangy Carolina BBQ, Terriyaki, Sweet Thai Chili, Sweet & Tangy, Hot & Spicy Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, Mango Habanero, Toxic Waste
6 Wing Dings  6 Wing Dings$4.75
12 Wing Dings  12 Wings$9.50
25 Wing Dings  25 Wings$19.75
50 Wing Dings  50 Wings$39.50
100 Wing Dings  100 Wings$79.00
150 Wing Dings  150 Wings$118.50

  - Fish dinners with homemade sides available Fridays only
*Fish Dinner - Friday Only  FISH DINNER- FRIDAY ONLY - Large breaded Haddock fish Broaster fried. Served with your choice of French Fries, Pierogies, or Macaroni & Cheese, cole slaw & a garlic bread stick.$9.99
*Haddock by the Pound  Haddock by the Pound - Haddock fish Broaster fried to perfection. Order in whole pounds only$9.99/lb
*Haddock Dinner - Our special batter and breading make haddock delicious. Served with fries or homemade mac/cheese as well as coleslaw.$9.99

  - 12" and 16" trays available for all your party needs. We need at least a 1 day notice to perfectly prepare your tray.
Small Wing Tray - 25 ct  Small Wing Tray - 25 ct - 25 of our delicious wings tossed in your favorite sauce or plain along with an 8 oz container of sauce.  $34.99
Medium Wing Tray - 50 ct  Medium Wing Tray - 50 ct - 50 of our delicious wings tossed in your favorite sauce or plain. Served with an 8 oz. container of sauce.  $55.99
Large Wing Tray - 75 ct  Large Wing Tray - 75 ct - Big party tray with 75 of our delicious wings tossed in your favorite sauce or plain. Served with a 16 oz. container of sauce.  $84.99


French Onion Dip - Homemade delicious blend of spices and sour cream for an Awesome chip dip.$3.89/lb
Pizza Roll - Looks like an egg roll but tastes like good.$1.50
Pepperoni Roll  Pepperoni Roll - Approx 6" Pepperoni & Cheese Roll. Add a side of marinara sauce for dipping.$3.99
Pastellio  Pastellio - A Homemade Beef, Chicken or Vegetable pocket seasoned just right. Deep fried to perfection. Add hot sauce for extra spice.Chicken $3.49
Beef $3.49
Vegetable $3.49
Buffalo Chicken Dip  Buffalo Chicken Dip - Homemade buffalo chicken dip sold by the pound for your special party or snack.$6.79/lb
Buffalo Chicken Dip with Chips  Buffalo Chicken Dip with Chips - An 8 oz. container of our special Buffalo Chicken dip with chips...perfect for a snack$5.29
Nachos & Cheese  Nachos & Cheese - Nacho cheese sauce served with tortilla chips.$2.49


Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing2 oz $0.50
4 oz $1.00
8 oz $2.00
Pretzel Bites  Pretzel Bites - 10 nugget pretzel pieces broasterized and served with your choice of mustard or hot mustard.$2.49
Breaded Green Beans with Sauce  Breaded Green Beans with Sauce$3.99
Breaded Mushrooms  Breaded Mushrooms$3.49
Breaded Onion Rings  Breaded Onion Rings$3.49
Breaded Pickles  Breaded Pickles$3.49
Breaded Zucchini Medallions  $3.49
Jalapeno Cheese Poppers  Jalapeno Cheese Poppers$3.49
Mac & Cheese Bites  Mac & Cheese Bites$3.49
Mozzarella Sticks  Mozzarella Sticks$3.49
Breaded Veggie Basket  Breaded Veggie Basket - Pepper Rings, Onion Rings, Mushrooms & Zucchini Planks$6.49
French Fries  French FriesSmall $1.79
Large $1.99
Funnel Fries  Funnel Fries$3.49
Hot Chips w/ French Onion Dip  Hot Chips - Thinly sliced potatoes fried the broaster way.$4.59
JOJO Fries  JOJO Fries - Sold as a single order as many as you like.$0.39
Waffle Fries  Waffle Fries - A special coating makes these waffle fries unique and delicious$1.79
Hot Soft Pretzel  Hot pretzel$2.49
Fresh Baked Buttermilk Biscuit  Fresh Baked Buttermilk Biscuit$0.65


Cheese Sauce Side - 3.5 oz of Nacho Cheese $1.00
Extra Marinara Sauce - 2 oz$0.50
Extra Wing Sauce - Choose your size and flavor2 oz $0.50
4 oz $1.00
8 oz $2.00
16 oz $4.00

  - 10 & Under. Choice of Fries or 2 JoJo's & Kid's Drink.
*Chicken Tenders$4.50
*Wings Bone-In$4.25
*Wings Boneless$4.25


Funnel Fries  Funnel Fries - Waffle like fries dusted with powdered sugar. Approximately 20 fries per order.$2.99


2 Liters  2 Liters - 2 liter bottles of pop to complete your dinner or party plans.$2.19
Hot Coffee  Hot Coffee - A hot, fresh and delicious cup o joe. Any size...same price$0.99
Hot Tea  Hot Tea12 oz $0.99
ICEE Drinks  ICEE Drinks - Blue Raspberry, Coke, Cherry12 oz $1.69
24 oz $1.89
32 oz $2.19
Fountain Drinks  Fountain Drinks24 oz $1.49
32 oz $1.69
Kid's Size $0.99

*Limited availability, or promotional item.

***FOOD ALLERY WARNING: Our products are cooked in peanut oil. » All Deliveries end 1 hour prior to closing time. » Prices displayed with items ordered by the pound will be close but not exact due to weighing.

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